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Austin Weather

14th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 1, 2014, Wells Branch DG Cour

Events that are soon to occur. Come here to join the discussion and create some hype.
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14th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 1, 2014, Wells Branch DG Cour

Post Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:26 pm

Get ready for the Superbowl with an ice-cold golf game!

Saturday, February 1, 2014
Wells Branch Disc Golf Course

1 round of 21 holes (the normal 18 plus 3 extras)

The field is limited to the first 126 people who sign up

The entry fee is $15 (you get $2 back if you bring 3 cans of food or 3 nonperishable food items).

Your entry buys you an Ice Bowl T-Shirt – or – DX Ice Bowl Disc & set of Nesting Minis.
(Supplies are limited - first come first choice. We’ll also have long-sleeve shirts & other higher quality discs for extra cost.)

Every year, clubs and people from around the world gather together to help fight hunger within their communities and to have a day of fun playing disc golf, no matter what the weather. We will be raising money and food for Austin’s Capital Area Food Bank.

We will also have CTP contests, a basket to give away in our raffle, & other fun stuff. The whole idea is to HAVE A GREAT TIME while helping others. If you have anything you would like to donate as raffle or CTP prizes, please let us know. Anything we receive, we will give away!

Early registration is available at

The rules of the Ice Bowl are simple:
-Ice Bowl will be never be cancelled - No wimps or whiners allowed - There’s no excuse for not attending!

126 MAXIMUM players
Sign-up & Check-in begins at 10:00 near Hole #1.



Re: 14th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 1, 2014, Wells Branch DG

Post Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:22 pm

Online pre-registration for Waterloo’s Ice Bowl is now up and running. DGU got it going fast (thanks Adrian & DGU)! The direct link to the event’s page is below.

There are already 15 people pre-registered. There is a limit of 90 online spots available. The rest will be available on a “first come first served basis” the morning of the event, Feb 1st.

We are also needing sponsors for the event. We need merchandise and gift certificates for raffle and CTP prizes, and we could definitely use some cash too for expenses (hopefully including some beer and food for the players) as well as for more fundraising for the food bank.

If you, or your company, or someone/some company that you know can help out we would greatly appreciate it. So far we have as sponsors: Disc Nation, Disc Golf United, and Sonya & Ricky Amaya.

Finally: how about starting your own canned food drive at your workplace next week? Collect the goods all week long and then bring them with you to Wells Branch on Saturday, February 1st. It is an easy way to get lots of people involved in helping out those in our community who are less fortunate.

Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 14th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 1, 2014, Wells Branch DG

Post Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:06 pm

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Ice Bowl on Saturday, and to those who couldn't make it out but still helped or sponsored the event!

Here are the Raffle Prize and Mulligan Prize winning ticket numbers. Some of the prizes have already been picked up but most still need to be claimed, including both Grand Prizes (Innova Discatcher Basket in the raffle and Innova Traveller Basket in the mulligans).

Sorry about the "crammed together format", I've never figured out how to paste in columns/cells on these discussion boards.

If you have any of these numbers, save the ticket and contact the club by posting here, emailing waterloodgc @, or calling the club cell phone 512-994-9508.

A little bit later today we'll get the scores posted, and later this week we'll announce the total amount of money and food raised for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Thanks Again,
Waterloo Disc Golf Club


832606 blue skies disc,orange already claimed
832612 vibram obex disc already claimed
832639 s. carolina shirt, lolo sticker already claimed
832643 innova visor, world's biggest mini, lolo sticker
832661 glow dubz challenge disc
832673 used white innova shirt, thundercloud certificate
832686 thermal tote, thundercloud certificate
832688 blue dyed necklace, innova sticker
832695 yellow victoria open disc
832697 toros shirt and thundercloud
832708 orange tie dyed muscle shirt, red worlds biggest mini
832724 yellow innova champion disc
832745 used 98 natl doubles jersey, white roy g mini already claimed
832763 tie dyed towel, bearded brothers bars, discraft sticker
832764 laptop cooler, roy g mini, discraft sticker
832781 necklace, bracelet, thundercloud certificate
832845 blue skies disc, pink
832847 ring, glowsticks already claimed
832860 multicolored necklace & earings, innova sticker already claimed
832875 night golf kit
832950 black dell polo, blue worlds biggest mini
832982 dirty dozen shirt, black zombie puck set (white)
832985 fly ink polo, disc demon sticker already claimed
832998 brown necklace, keen sticker already claimed
833047 a&m polo, innova sticker
833049 black dell polo, white worlds biggest mini
833062 blue pdga am worlds disdc already claimed
833091 blue skies disc, yellow
833111 $25 Disc Nation Gift Certificate already claimed
833125 wire sculpture scorpion already claimed
833139 s. carolina shirt, lolo sticker
833142 blue tie dyed muscle shirt, glow sticks
833157 yellow star lycan disc
833158 blue skies disc, white
833170 black innova egv disc
833205 blue vibram summit disc already claimed



537436 earings, necklace already claimed
537457 blue disc golf polo
537478 bearded brothers bar set
537484 black zombie puck set, blue already claimed
537485 yellow champion golf is dead disc already claimed
537487 $20 Disc Nation Gift Certificate
537538 black zombie puck set, red
537569 texas tea shirt, discraft sticker already claimed
537579 dell polo, toros shirt, thundercloud certificate
537605 white vibram lace disc already claimed
537610 tie dyed muscle shirt, discraft sticker

Site Admin
Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008

Re: 14th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 1, 2014, Wells Branch DG

Post Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:29 pm

Below are the scores from the Ice Bowl, plus aces. We did get enough donated items to have something small for first place in each division. We gave some of those out at our after-party at Spinners Bar & Grill, but if you weren’t there then we still have your prize with us. Just get in touch by replying here, posting on the club’s or the event’s facebook page, emailing waterloodgc @, or calling the club cell phone 512-994-9508.

Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Waterloo Disc Golf Club's 14th Annual Ice Bowl
February 1, 2014
Wells Branch Disc Golf Course

21 Hole Layout (the usual 18 plus 3 temporary holes)

Pro Women Melissa Stein 67 1

Pro Men Vinnie Miller 45 1
Pro Men Marcus Hazle 49 2
Pro Men Joel Kelly 49 2
Pro Men Zach Hyatt 51 4
Pro Men Jeff Barron 58 5
Pro Men Isaac Hernandez 58 5
Pro Men David Smith 58 5
Pro Men Brandon Elder 59 8
Pro Men Matt Kessler 59 8
Pro Men Martin Martinez 59 8
Pro Men Joshua Benson 60 11
Pro Men Ben Noyes 66 12

Pro Master Men Garin Wootton 51 1
Pro Master Men Gary Marotz 55 2
Pro Master Men Stevie Campbell 62 3
Pro Master Men Ken "KR3" Roycroft 62 3
Pro Master Men William Lane 73 5

Pro Grandmaster Men Mike Shay 58 1
Pro Grandmaster Men Alan Nitkin 59 2
Pro Grandmaster Men Mark Contreras 61 3
Pro Grandmaster Men Jimmy Starr 62 4
Pro Grandmaster Men Abel Flores 64 5

Advanced Women Michelle Henderson 63 1

Advanced Men Collins Nance 54 1
Advanced Men Chad Palmer 55 2
Advanced Men Paul "Boogie Flights" Staton 56 3
Advanced Men Jason Michalenko 57 4
Advanced Men Jeremiah Duke 58 5
Advanced Men John Hofmeister 59 6
Advanced Men Jimmy Martinez 59 6
Advanced Men Gabriel Pearson 59 6
Advanced Men Joe Legassie 61 9
Advanced Men Theron Fisk 63 10
Advanced Men Jeremy Weckler 64 11
Advanced Men Steele Smith 66 12
Advanced Men Jacob Vigil 68 13
Advanced Men Randy Barrera 70 14

Adv.Master Men "Meteor" Mike Schulgen 53 1
Adv.Master Men Brian Litke 54 2
Adv.Master Men Lou Moreno 54 2
Adv.Master Men Tracy Bresser 56 4
Adv.Master Men Ricky Amaya 58 5
Adv.Master Men Porter Yax 59 6
Adv.Master Men Salim Karimjee 60 7
Adv.Master Men Chris Castillo 61 8
Adv.Master Men Rock Schouman 62 9
Adv.Master Men Jason Plumber 63 10
Adv.Master Men Bryan Ritter 63 10

Adv.Grandmaster Men Glenn Hardesty 57 1
Adv.Grandmaster Men Steve Loeschen 58 2
Adv.Grandmaster Men Bill Collins 60 3
Adv.Grandmaster Men Rick Johnson 60 3
Adv.Grandmaster Men James McNair 60 3
Adv.Grandmaster Men John "Solo Vato" Castruita 61 6
Adv.Grandmaster Men Bill Engle 61 6
Adv.Grandmaster Men Mark Wilson 61 6
Adv.Grandmaster Men Lynn McNabb 62 9
Adv.Grandmaster Men Jeff Pitt 62 9
Adv.Grandmaster Men Eric Lord 63 11
Adv.Grandmaster Men Clyde Smith 63 11
Adv.Grandmaster Men Don Weckler 63 11
Adv.Grandmaster Men Stanton Heihn 66 14
Adv.Grandmaster Men Chris Young 67 15
Adv.Grandmaster Men Jon Peacock 75 16
Adv.Grandmaster Men "Fishead" Tim McCrory DNF 17

Adv.Senior Gr.Master Men Jake Thorp 54 1
Adv.Senior Gr.Master Men Glenn Schleicher 58 2
Adv.Senior Gr.Master Men Glenn Whitehead 58 2
Adv.Senior Gr.Master Men Jan Baumgardner 61 4
Adv.Senior Gr.Master Men Stevo Barnes 69 5

Intermediate Women Aissa Cantu-Gines 71 1
Intermediate Women Tiffany Rickman 78 2

Intermediate Men Jon Brantley 56 1
Intermediate Men Chris Castillo II 56 1
Intermediate Men Richard Harpel 56 1
Intermediate Men Josh Bryant 57 4
Intermediate Men Mike Dray 57 4
Intermediate Men Ryan Gruber 57 4
Intermediate Men Kyle Bryant 60 7
Intermediate Men Marcus Gallardo 61 8
Intermediate Men Richard Lee 61 8
Intermediate Men Wayne Mayfield 61 8
Intermediate Men Steve Davenport 62 11
Intermediate Men Mike Watson 62 11
Intermediate Men John Fisher 63 13
Intermediate Men Zach Gonzales 63 13
Intermediate Men Ryan Duncan 64 15
Intermediate Men Matthew "Snags" Jakobeit 64 15
Intermediate Men Daniel Burkhardt 65 17
Intermediate Men Richard Hargraves 65 17
Intermediate Men Scott Stein 67 19
Intermediate Men Shaun Casso 68 20
Intermediate Men "A-Bomb" Marez 68 20
Intermediate Men Zach Barron 69 22
Intermediate Men David Simmons 70 23
Intermediate Men Richard Derrick 71 24
Intermediate Men Will McCord 71 24
Intermediate Men James Sharkey 80 26

Recreational Men Andy Brison 60 1
Recreational Men Chris Herbert 60 1
Recreational Men Tommy Schulgen 61 3
Recreational Men Augie Frkuska 62 4
Recreational Men Mike Chesnut 64 5
Recreational Men Austin McNair 64 5
Recreational Men Robert Solis 64 5
Recreational Men Jared Long 65 8
Recreational Men Kurt Richard 65 8
Recreational Men Joshua Schimberg 65 10
Recreational Men Haylon Hernandez 66 11
Recreational Men Chris Lore 66 11
Recreational Men Joe Antholzner 68 13
Recreational Men Juan Lerma 68 13
Recreational Men Sunny Miley 69 15
Recreational Men Nate Endsley 70 16
Recreational Men Alexander Bingham 71 17
Recreational Men Patrick Mendez 71 17
Recreational Men Ty Chesnut 72 19
Recreational Men Joseph "JoJo" Thompson 72 19
Recreational Men Keegan Norman 75 21
Recreational Men Jonathan Berger DNF 22

Girls - 10 & Under Kayla Schouman 129 1

Zach Hyatt, Hole #12
Jimmy Martinez, Hole #12
"Meteor" Mike Schulgen, Hole #17

While not an ace, we would like to recognize Marcus Hazle for his 2 on the 455' hole #4, the only duece on that hole out of the entire field.

Top Score of the Day: Vinnie Miller with a 45; that is 18 "2s" out of 21 holes.
Second Best: Joel Kelly & Marcus Hazle with a score of 49.

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Site Admin
Posts: 551
Joined: Aug 30, 2008
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