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Austin Weather

12th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 4, 2012, Zilker Park

Events that are soon to occur. Come here to join the discussion and create some hype.
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12th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 4, 2012, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:05 pm

Waterloo Disc Golf Club’s 12th Annual Ice Bowl
Saturday, February 4, 2012
Zilker Park, Austin, TX
Signup and Check-in begins at 11 am, the round starts at 1 pm

Pre-registration is available through Team Justice. Just click on the link below to go to their website and then select Pro Shop to see this event, plus the others they have up there.

Every year, clubs and people from around the world gather together to help fight hunger within their communities and to have a day of fun playing disc golf no matter what the weather. We will be raising money and food for the Capital Area Food Bank at our Ice Bowl.

The rules of the Ice Bowl are simple:
1) Under no circumstances will an Ice Bowl be postponed or cancelled
2) No wimps or whiners allowed
3) There are no excuses for not attending!

The entry fee is either:

$15 (with no food donation)
- OR -
$13 (with 3 cans of food or 3 nonperishable food items).

For that entry, you will receive either:
Ice Bowl T-Shirt
– OR –
DX Ice Bowl Disc & set of Little Flyer “Nesting Minis”

Supplies are limited - first come first choice; we will also have long-sleeve shirts and some other higher quality discs for extra cost.

We will also have some CTP contests & some other fun stuff. The whole idea is to HAVE A GREAT TIME while helping others out who really need it. If you have anything you would like to donate as CTP prizes, please let us know. Anything we receive, we will give away!


Sign-up & Check-in begins at 11:00 at the Polo Tables (near North Hole 1)

126 MAXIMUM players

For more information, please call Gordon Maxim-Kelley @ (512) 858-1615 or Phil Haik @ (512) 826-6591. You can also email the club at gordon @ or check out our Facebook page.



Re: 12th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 4, 2012, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:23 pm

Just a reminder about Waterloo’s Ice Bowl at Zilker Park this Saturday, Feb. 4th.

Online pre-registration is still available through Friday, February 3rd at 5 pm at the Pro Shop on the Team Justice website


If you can, please bring small items to donate to our CTP games, raffle, etc. A disc, mini, towel, shirt, or even non-disc golf stuff will all be appreciated and given away. Also… small, fun, silly items are great to put in the Father Dave Tayloe CTP Bag ‘o Shwag.

Extra canned food donations are always happily accepted.

We hope to see you there,
Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Site Admin
Site Admin
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Re: 12th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 4, 2012, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:36 pm

Thank You to everyone who came out to Zilker on Saturday for Waterloo’s 12th Annual Ice Bowl!

We had more than a full field, but not too many more so we managed to get everyone in. J

We did have one problem at the end though: one of the players had his bag picked up at the end of the night by someone else. It was a black Innova bag with 18 discs (though there was no name on the discs).

We're hoping it was mistaken identity rather than someone intentionally stealing it. Either way though, please help us get this bag back. We aren’t interesting in nailing anyone to the wall, we just want to get his discs and bag back for him (and we’d do the same for any of you too). You can email the club at gordon @ or call the club’s cell phone number (512-994-9508) if you have this missing bag or if you know who does – no questions asked. Thanks for the cooperation!

We gave away an Innova Discatcher Sport Basket in the raffle. It was claimed that night, but we do still have a few more unclaimed prizes. The list is below, so if you have any of these raffle tickets just let us know.

Raffle #
Innova Discatcher Sport Basket

Waterloo Club Membership (1 year)

Disc Nation $20 Certificate

Disc Nation $20 Certificate

Disc Nation $20 Certificate

Joe Boxer disc + Whole Foods bag + Innova sticker

Guiness Tie Dye shirt + Innova sticker

White Innova shirt + Innova sticker

Small Blue Dell Shirt + Innova sticker + orange Waterloo disc

Small Blue Dell Shirt + Innova sticker + Alamo City disc

Small Blue Dell Shirt + Innova sticker + Innova Xmas disc

4X Blue Dell Shirt + Innova sticker + Red Worlds Biggest disc

Amateur entry into a C-Tier Team Justice event + Innova sticker

Shot glass + Hat + Innova sticker

Small Dell Dry Sport shirt + Innova sticker

Amateur entry into a C-Tier Team Justice event + Innova sticker

There are a couple of things to finalize on the results, but we should have those posted sometime tomorrow on the club’s website (in the Community Forums section) and on the PDGA Discussion Board. We’ll also have more information tomorrow about the donation to Capital Area Food Bank and how the day went.

There are also a lot of pictures already posted on the club’s Facebook page.

Waterloo Disc Golf Club

Throwing over PAR +10
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Joined: Sep 15, 2011

Re: 12th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 4, 2012, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:33 pm

Waterloo Disc Golf Club would like to thank the sponsors of this year’s Ice Bowl:

Disc Nation
Team Justice
Captain Kirk
Barnes Contracting
Sister Sue Dye 4 U
Mark McCrimmon
Jeremy Mount
Wade Kolb
Tim Payne
Aissa Gines
Blu Romero

Plus all the people who contributed to the Father Dave Tayloe Bag ‘o Shwag CTP prize. Byron Kurka won the CTP with a shot 11 ½ inches from #9 on Zilker’s south side.

We had a great staff again this year. All these people stepped up and helped out, some a little, some a lot, making it possible to put on such a fun, fantastic event: Roger Allen, Stephanie Allen, Jazmine Arguelles, Stevo Barnes, Rich Collins, Dale Gibbins, Chip Groat, Phil Haik, Troy Herman, James McCaine, Jeremy Mount, Matt Papa, Sheldon Parker, Josh Rippie, Aaron Stair, Del Stair, Joe Torrence, Rick Vigil.

Our 5-5-5 CTP winners were: Gus Calvo (who aced the front left basket), Hugh Picket, Andre Pesez, Theron Fisk, and Tony (Dieterich I think, but might have been Ruiz). All received Disc Nation gift certificates plus a stack of other donated prizes.

We gave away a basket in our raffle, plus some more Disc Nation certificates and other prizes AND 2 amateur entries to a 2012 Team Justice C-Tier event. Hadley Stuart and David Corder will soon be taking part in an awesome Team Justice tournament J

We had 139 players, 6 people who paid but didn’t play, and 4 who were non-playing staffers, for a total of 149 people.

And finally… we raised 169 pounds of food (equating to 155 meals) plus $600 in cash (lots and lots of meals) for our charity: Capital Area Food Bank.

Thanks again, the club looks forward to doing this all again in 2013!

Throwing over PAR +10
Posts: 17
Joined: Sep 15, 2011

Re: 12th Annual Ice Bowl, Sat. Feb 4, 2012, Zilker Park

Post Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:34 pm

Waterloo Ice Bowl 2012
"February 4th, Zilker Park"
139 Players

1 Pro Men Paul Machado 52
T2 Pro Men Layton Lain 54
T2 Pro Men Alex Downs 54
T4 Pro Men Jeremy Mount 55
T4 Pro Men Justin Davis 55
6 Pro Men Hugh Pickett 56
7 Pro Men Aaron Stair 62
8 Pro Men Ryan Castille 63
9 Pro Men Smoke 64
T10 Pro Men Gary Marotz 65
T10 Pro Men Traye Dean 65

1 Pro Master Chip Groat 55
2 Pro Master John Hovey 59
3 Pro Master Stevie Campbell 61
T4 Pro Master Tim Payne 65
T4 Pro Master Tim Escobedo 65

T1 Adv. Men Marshall Blanks 58
T1 Adv. Men Nate Corder 58
T1 Adv. Men Jason Michalenko 58
4 Adv. Men Matthew Carson 59
T5 Adv. Men Joshua Benson 60
T5 Adv. Men Robert Martinez 60
T7 Adv. Men Ryan Duncan 61
T7 Adv. Men Andre Pesez 61
9 Adv. Men Porter Yax 62
T10 Adv. Men Jonathon Kennemer 63
T10 Adv. Men Justin Webster 63
T10 Adv. Men Isaac Hernandez 63
13 Adv. Men Cain Domier 64
T14 Adv. Men Michael Schulgen 65
T14 Adv. Men Darren Vaughn 65
T16 Adv. Men Casey Livingston 66
T16 Adv. Men Hadley Stuart 66
18 Adv. Men Mason Cole 67
19 Adv. Men Gilbert Gonzales 69
20 Adv. Men Barry Walling 70
21 Adv. Men Snags Jakobeit 72
22 Adv. Men Martin Briones 78

1 Adv. Master Jimmy Fred Starr 58
2 Adv. Master Gus Calvo 59
T3 Adv. Master Alex Gonzalez 60
T3 Adv. Master Allan Browder 60
T5 Adv. Master Steve Ellis 63
T5 Adv. Master Matt Harris 63
T5 Adv. Master Roger Allen 63
8 Adv. Master Blu Romero 66
T9 Adv. Master Eric Frye 67
T9 Adv. Master Damon Cotter 67
T9 Adv. Master Lance Thompson 67
12 Adv. Master Eric Lambert 68
13 Adv. Master Rich Collins 80

T1 Adv. GM Kirk Lavallee 57
T1 Adv. GM Mark McCrimmon 57
T3 Adv. GM Chris Young 60
T3 Adv. GM Jeff Pitt 60
5 Adv. GM Bill Collins 61
T6 Adv. GM Dale Gibbins 62
T6 Adv. GM Lou Rivera 62
T6 Adv. GM Bill Engall 62
9 Adv. GM Lynn McNabb 63
10 Adv. GM Bill Peckham 64
T11 Adv. GM Rick Vigil 66
T11 Adv. GM Gary Barron 66
T13 Adv. GM Del Stair 67
T13 Adv. GM Stevo Barnes 67
15 Adv. GM Sheldon Parker 69
T16 Adv. GM Wade Kolb 72
T16 Adv. GM Jon Peacock 72
18 Adv. GM Jimbo 90
19 Adv. GM Mark Wilson 999

1 Int. Women Michelle Henderson 72
2 Int. Women Kara Morrisey 78
3 Int. Women Aissa Cantu Gines 80
4 Int. Women Cat Yerby 82
5 Int. Women Steph Allen 999

T1 Int. Men Matt Papa 59
T1 Int. Men Pablo Staton 59
3 Int. Men Tony Ruiz 60
4 Int. Men Theron Fisk 62
T5 Int. Men David Corder 63
T5 Int. Men Tony Dieterich 63
T7 Int. Men Nick Arden 64
T7 Int. Men Christopher Castillo II 64
T7 Int. Men Max Ochoa 64
T10 Int. Men Scott Cecil 65
T10 Int. Men Joshua Mueller 65
T12 Int. Men Robert Huffaker 66
T12 Int. Men David Simmons 66
T14 Int. Men Chris Bohls 67
T14 Int. Men Pat Branch 67
T14 Int. Men Noah Dunst 67
T14 Int. Men Joseph Legassie 67
T14 Int. Men Dave Spears 67
T19 Int. Men Richard Hargraves 68
T19 Int. Men Jeffrey Carbary 68
T19 Int. Men Gordon Maxim-Kelley 68
T19 Int. Men Christopher Castillo 68
T19 Int. Men Jud Thomas 68
T24 Int. Men Carlos Lugo 69
T24 Int. Men Todd Brown 69
T24 Int. Men Roger George 69
T24 Int. Men James Waddington 69
T28 Int. Men Cesar Arguelles 70
T28 Int. Men Dillon Frye 70
T28 Int. Men Bala Silkenson 70
T28 Int. Men Dean Soward 70
T32 Int. Men Gerard Arden 72
T32 Int. Men Carlos Martinez 72
34 Int. Men Derek Whallen 74
35 Int. Men Greg Bohls 75
36 Int. Men Paul Nesbitt 77
37 Int. Men Bryan Ritter 999

1 Rec. Women Melissa Stein 73
2 Rec. Women Judy Foster 76

1 Rec. Men Sam Arnold 63
2 Rec. Men Ricky Hernandez 64
T3 Rec. Men Byron Kurka 67
T3 Rec. Men John Fisher 67
T3 Rec. Men Phillip Gines 67
T3 Rec. Men Mike Tansey 67
7 Rec. Men Greg Calvo 68
T8 Rec. Men Richard Landriault 69
T8 Rec. Men Rock Schouman 69
T8 Rec. Men Scott Stein 69
T11 Rec. Men Ricky Molis 70
T11 Rec. Men Ruben Garza 70
13 Rec. Men Brian Garlock 73
14 Rec. Men Steve Beck 74
15 Rec. Men Vance Youngs 75
16 Rec. Men Simon Fitzpatrick 76
17 Rec. Men Tarl Fields 80
18 Rec. Men Dennis Beyer 87

1 Novice Men David Orchard 64
2 Novice Men Austin Stuart 69
3 Novice Men Donald Olson 74
T4 Novice Men Robert Ebbolito 75
T4 Novice Men John Fleming 75
6 Novice Men Jay Paul Smith 78
7 Novice Men Barry Lyon 93

Throwing over PAR +10
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Joined: Sep 15, 2011
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