At the last general club meeting, we introduced the idea of committees to handle many of the things the club does on an ongoing basis.  We are going to form a number of committees and we want, and need, your help.


The idea is to provide a way for a lot more people to get involved in what we do, and in turn this will allow the club to do so much more.  Our events will get better, our courses will get better, and the club will get better.


Below are the committees and a bit about what each will do.  Some will be larger than others.  Some will have more ongoing stuff, others will have more bursts of activity.  And of course, all of this will be adjusted as we go along and find out what works and what doesnt.  With Waterloo coming up soon, and Ice Bowl not too far beyond that, there will definitely be plenty for everyone to do.


If you are interested in serving on one or more of these, please email me back.  Once we have a good feel for who is interested in what (and well combine these with the responses we got at our meeting plus feedback we got at this years Ice Bowl), we will contact you back with more information. If you would like more information on any of this, please feel free to contact the club.


Send mail to WDGC, PO Box 33531, Austin, TX, 78764

Send email to:

Call on phone to:  Roger Allen (512) 899-2063, Rob Hecht (512) 789-7957, Patty & Mitch Justice (830) 833-1254, Lou Moreno (512) 389-1853, Mark McCrimmon (512) 478-1860, Dan Mueller (512) 293-7592, Gordon Maxim-Kelley (512) 858-0119, Mike Olse (512) 468-5002, Sheldon Parker (512) 416-1192, or Ray Murray (972) 398-8140



        Membership Committee

      Membership drives, renewals

      Process new member information & send out welcome letter, disc, shirt, etc.

      recruit committee members

      Build value in Membership

      Coordinate membership parties

        Fundraising Committee

      determine club needs

      tournament sponsorships

      coordinating with Charities

      Coordinating fundraiser efforts

      Post Tourney thank yous/invites

        Competition Committee

      Coordinate & run minis & events other than COTO & Waterloo; some examples are below

      Newbie Night

      Ice Bowl

      Worlds Biggest

      Ace Race

      Just a quick note on this committee:  people on it are not expected to run all of these events.  The goal is more the coordination of them, which will involve finding the people who will run them.

        Communications Committee

      Flyers for events, phone calls, mailings, etc.

      Media communications

        Course Committee




1. Bart 2. Pease 3. Zilker  4. Circle C 5. Searight (6. Manor in the near future)



WDGC Committee Signup Sheet




1) Membership

2) Competition

3) Fundraising

4) Communication

5) Course

          Course Sub-Committees for Maintenance & Improvement




          Circle C





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