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Austin Weather

Waterloo Classic #34 Scores

Friday, October 14, 2011 (04:01:19) Waterloo Event
After each round (internet permitting) I will be uploading the Waterloo Classic #34 scores to the following URL:

Place your bets (Disclaimer: Waterloo does not condone the act of illegal gambling)

Things to know about this year’s Waterloo Disc Golf Classic, Oct 14-16, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011 (01:23:25) Waterloo Event
Things to know about this year’s Waterloo Disc Golf Classic, Oct 14-16, 2011


Friday October 14th, flex start 1 pm – 4:30-ish. Open to everyone, $10 per person, bring your own partner. There will be an optional ace pot, $2 per person. If no aces are hit on Friday then the money will go towards the fundraising.

BE THERE EARLY! THE EARLIER THE BETTER. If we can, we hope to start some teams even before 1 pm.

1) The normal reason for The Earlier The Better is the same as it has been for years: you’ll have a better chance of getting to play.

We will have to stop teeing teams off around 4:30 pm, so that everyone who starts will be able to finish before dark. This is very important! Just because you arrive by 4:30 doesn’t mean you will be in time to play. You need to be there early enough so that you are teeing off by that time. If a bunch of people all show up at 4:15 and there are multiple groups waiting to tee off on hole #1, then some of those teams likely won’t get to play. Results will be posted as soon as possible on Saturday (probably early afternoon). Awards for doubles can be picked up after that or anytime on Sunday the 17th. Leave contact info when signing up if you won’t be around the rest of the weekend. In 2010, we pushed over 90 teams through on Friday, so the course plays fairly quickly. Show up early for the best chance to play, don’t wait until late in the afternoon and take the risk on being turned away. Cards will be limited to 2 teams to keep things flowing smoothly.

2) The other reason for The Earlier The Better is that you will have a better chance of being able to play hole #8 (Mount Waterloo) and hole #9. Because of the explosion of UT Tailgaters in the past few years, and the set-up they now do on Friday afternoon, it is very likely that at some point in the afternoon we will have to discontinue playing one or even both of those holes. Maybe no one will get to play them. Maybe everyone will get to play them. Maybe only some will. We’ll just have to wait and see how the afternoon progresses. If not everyone in a division gets to play them, we just won’t count those holes in the final scores. So if you play early and get to throw those holes they may end up not counting, but at least you had the fun of playing them.

You can play more than once, but you must play in a different division AND with a different partner. (no longer will one team take 1st and 2nd, or 1st in both open and masters).

If you want to play on Friday, you should sign up and play doubles. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until after around 4:30 pm. This is when we’ll stop teeing off the doubles teams. You’ll need to start on hole #1, behind the doubles teams (not just anywhere in the course that looks open). We always battle to get as many doubles teams as possible through the course before dark, so just like on Saturday and Sunday we can’t have them waiting on casual players.

Singles Tournament Check-In:

Waterloo Park is located in downtown Austin. It is bordered by E.15th, Red River, E.12th, and Trinity. Tournament HQ is on the wooden deck near Trinity & E.13th.

This is VERY IMPORTANT! Everyone registered for the main singles tournament must check-in either Friday October 14th between 3 pm and dark, or Saturday morning October 15th between 7:30 am – 8:30 am. Anyone not checked in by 8:30 am on Saturday will be dropped from the tournament and the spot will be filled by someone on the waitlist. The tournament is too popular, too fun, and usually has too big a waitlist to let a spot go unclaimed. If you are on the waitlist, you must be at tourney HQ at 8:30 am on Saturday. If your name is called and you aren’t there, we go to the next person on the list.

Please try to check in on Friday, as it will make Saturday morning go much more smoothly if we don’t have as many people to run through the process.

Everyone playing the main tournament will receive a great player’s package.

Juniors who want to play Waterloo: We will register Juniors on Friday during check-in or on Saturday morning during the first round. Juniors will play one round per day in-between the main rounds. The cost is $20 and they’ll receive some stuff for signing up plus we’ll make sure that every kid who plays wins at least something. The number of kids and their ages will determine whether we have different divisions or not.

Directions and Parking for Waterloo:

If you are coming from IH-35, head towards downtown. Take the E.15th Street exit. Go west (turn left if you are driving north, right if you are driving south). The next traffic light is Red River, you will see the park on your left (the Erwin Special Events Center is on your right).

If you are headed for the parking garage, go two more blocks and turn left on San Jacinto. San Jacinto is a One-Way street going south. Go two blocks and turn left on E. 13th, the entrance to the garage is immediately on your left. You can also enter this same garage from Trinity, right across from the deck (Trinity is a One-Way street going north). Be sure to read parking info below - we don't want anyone getting ticketed or towed.

Parking will be difficult this weekend, especially on Saturday. On Friday, the state parking garages on Trinity, across the street from the park, will not be available until after 5 pm. On Saturday, they will not be available at all most of the day because of the UT football game that day (unless you pay the parking fee - $7, I think). On Sunday, all the garages will be available for free parking. For other parking, there is a small lot in the park (enter off of 12th Street) that will be free all 3 days. There are also parking meters on Red River, 12th, 13th, and 14th streets, and some of Trinity and Brazos. Meters have changed around Austin a lot the last few years, so be sure to check for what you have to pay and when. There may still be some free times in the evening and on weekends, but I’m just not sure.


DISC NATION 19th HOLE CONTEST: Our newest addition! In between the rounds on both Saturday and Sunday we will have a CTP contest on a Disc Nation Basket. We will set it up near the deck. Each throw costs $2, or get 3 throws for $5. At the end of Sunday, the person closest to the basket will win the basket! If more than one person aces it, those people will have a throw-off to see who takes the basket home.

Two Silent Auctions: We will have one auction on Saturday and second, completely separate, auction on Sunday. On Saturday morning, we’ll put out a bunch of items on display on the deck, and there will be a bid sheet by each item. Bidding will close at the end of the day on Saturday so when your second round is over, be sure to hang around, make some final bids, and collect your winnings. We’ll do the same thing on Sunday with a whole new set of items, and we’ll close Sunday’s auction at the beginning of the awards ceremony. The silent auctions will have all sorts of great things from the small, to the large, to the really cool collectible.

Giant Raffle: Typically our raffle has over $1,000 worth of prizes. The Grand Prize is a BASKET! Single tickets are only $2 but buy more and get a better deal: 6 tkts for $10, or 15 tkts for $20. Tickets may be purchased until the start of Round 4 on Sunday afternoon. The drawing will be held shortly after, and the winning numbers posted immediately. You can pick up your prizes any time after that. You do not need to be present to win a raffle prize. If you aren’t going to be there Sunday afternoon, just put your name and phone number on the back of the ticket and we will contact you after the tournament.

Ring-of-Fire: will be held Saturday afternoon, immediately before the 2nd round (hopefully about 2:00 pm). It is $2 to play, and all proceeds go to the fundraising. You can sign up at check-in, or all the way up to the time we start it. Ring-of-Fire is a series of putting games, and it is really fun to play. It is also fun to watch, so even if you aren’t playing, stick around to see it.

Everyone (staff, spectators, and players) is eligible to take part in all of these events: Proceeds from these go to the fundraising, so bring lots of extra cash and your check book.

We also will have a box at Tournament HQ all weekend to collect canned, boxed, or packaged foods, toys for the kids, household items and every-day necessities such as toiletries, etc. These items will be used by the families that stay at the house. We will have a big box for collection, so please go through your pantry and bring out some stuff. Toys and games for the kids are also welcome.

The tournament is taking part in the PDGA’s Competition Endowment Program. This means that the $2 per-player PDGA fee, plus the $10 non-active member fee, is being donated to the charity instead of going to the PDGA. Thanks PDGA!!!

McHouse Concrete Challenge: WTF (Women Throwing Frisbees) is our host this year for this fun and challenging event. It is held on Hole #5 during the 4th round only (Sunday’s 2nd round). WTF will pay out 5-1 if you can make your disc come to rest on the concrete picnic table. The basket will be on top of the table, but anywhere on the concrete will win you 5 times what you bet. Give them $1 and win $5. Give them $20 and win $100. Good Luck!


The Tayloe Toe Throw contest will be on Sunday afternoon, right before the 4th round (hopefully about 1:30 pm). It is free to everyone who wants to play, and we’ll have some prizes for the longest throws. Great to watch as well; very silly, very fun!

When can you play the course if you aren’t in the tournament?
For those folks that aren't in the singles, and really want a chance to play the regular course with baskets, there are the usual lunch breaks on Saturday & Sunday when the players will be off the course. The Juniors will be playing the course then, but that is usually only a card or two or three. The Disc Nation 19th Hole Contest, Ring-of-Fire, and the Tayloe Toe Toss might affect a few of the holes, but not many. You’ll need to stop playing when you hear the two minute warning for the afternoon round.

The times of the lunch breaks are hard to guess, but we hope that the course will be available around 12:30 – 2:30 on Saturday and noon – 2:00 on Sunday. If you show up and there are still players on the course, wait until things are completely clear before starting. We’ll be on a tight schedule all weekend and can’t really afford delays.

If you want to play on Friday, you should sign up and play doubles. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until after around 4:30 pm. This is when we’ll stop teeing off the doubles teams. You’ll need to start on hole #1, behind the doubles teams (not just anywhere in the course that looks open). We always battle to get as many doubles teams as possible through the course before dark, so just like on Saturday and Sunday we can’t have them waiting on casual players.

34th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Club Classic Registration

Friday, September 30, 2011 (23:41:33) Waterloo Event
34th Annual Waterloo Registration Link for the form

Waterloo Disc Golf Club presents the

OCTOBER 14-16, 2011

Hosted by Waterloo Disc Golf Club, this is a PDGA “C” tier event in Austin, TX at WATERLOO PARK!!! Proceeds from this tournament go to the Austin Ronald McDonald House and disc golf projects here in Austin’s parks. One dollar per person per round will go to the fundraising as well as the proceeds from the RING OF FIRE, the RAFFLE, and the SILENT AUCTIONS.

All Singles players MUST check in at Tournament HQ either Friday afternoon between 3:00 – 7:00 pm or Saturday morning between 7:30 – 8:30 am. Anyone not checked in by 8:30 am Saturday will be dropped and the spot filled with someone from the waitlist.

Doubles will be on Friday afternoon; $10 per person ($20 per team); flex start tee off begins at 1:00 pm and continues until around 4:30 – 5:00 pm.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: TD: Gordon Maxim-Kelley, (512) 858-1615,

Go to the form here:

US Women's Disc Golf Championships Pictures

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 (21:34:47) Event
The United States Women's Disc Golf Championships were in Round Rock, Texas and the Waterloo Disc Golf Club supported the event run by the Double R Disc Golf Club.

Troy Herman of the Waterloo Disc Golf Club was able to take over 1700+ pictures for the event, the PDGA, and Disc Golfer Magazine.

Here is the link if you wished to see them:
USWDGC 2011 Pictures (Round Rock, Texas)

Please feel free to print them out for PERSONAL USE or contact Troy Herman at: [photo email account] for the original file.
- please include the information/hole/course/etc. to assist in locating it

Note: ALL images for Troy Herman are Copyrighted so do NOT use them for Commercial purposes unless you contact Troy Herman directly and obtain permission. (No one has been turned down or denied)
It is a professional and legal courtesy to request their use for: businesses, websites, commercial purposes, media, or other non-personal purposes.


Sponsorship for the 34th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Club Classic

Monday, September 12, 2011 (03:01:27) Waterloo Event
Waterloo Disc Golf Club
PO Box 33531, Austin, Texas 78764

September 8, 2011

Dear Sponsor,

The Waterloo Disc Golf Club is proud to announce that it is hosting the 34th Annual Waterloo Disc Golf Classic in Austin, Texas. This historic disc golf tournament is the longest running tournament in the Southwestern U.S. and one of the oldest in the country. This year the dates are set for October 14-16, 2011. The 34th Waterloo Classic will again benefit the Austin Ronald McDonald House (RMH).

The RMH is a wonderful non-profit, charitable organization that provides a home away from home for families with critically ill children undergoing treatment at area hospitals. This allows parents the chance to be close to their children when they are needed most.

Thanks to the support of our great sponsors, we have donated more than $71,000 in cash and supplies to RMH over the last thirteen years. The goal for 2011 is to raise $9,000. Won’t you please help by being a sponsor of this wonderful tournament? Sponsorship can be in the form of cash, merchandise, or a combination of the two.

• For a sponsorship of $200 or more: your logo or name on the back of the official tournament shirt, plus on a tee-box sign. This sign will be seen by all of the competitors each time that they play the course. Your logo/name will also be added to the Sponsor List that will be displayed at the course and included in the program distributed to all the players and spectators.

• For $100 - $199: your name on a tee-box sign and on the Sponsor List.

• For up to $99: your name on the Sponsor List.
Please mail all sponsorship to Waterloo Disc Golf Club, PO Box 33531 Austin, TX, 78764 (checks payable to WDGC). If you wish, you may make your check payable directly to Austin Ronald McDonald House in order to get the tax benefits of a charitable donation. For more information, please contact Stevo Barnes at 512-451-2064, or Gordon Maxim-Kelley at 512-858-1615 (
Thank you for your support!


Gordon Maxim-Kelley
Waterloo Disc Golf Club